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Tuesday Weather 10-21-14
Posted by: twarwick
25 hours ago | General News

The Northeast - Showers from WV and western and northern VA through much of New England, later today a deep low pressure system is expected to develop over the Jersey shore that will bring high winds and heavy rain to much of the region for the rest of the week. Steady rain moves into eastern NY and New England as the system gets organized.

The South - Dry for most of the region. but scattered showers possible for southern FL. A low pressure system will try to develop into an organized tropical storm and bring rain for much of the Gulf Region and FL later on in the week. A few scattered showers possible for southern and southwest TX.

The West - A storm system moves into the Rockies with showers and thunderstorms from ID and western and central MT southeast to NM today. Nothing severe expected but rainfall could be heavy with some minor flooding. Showers as well for western WA and western OR. Snow possible in the higher elevations of WA and MT. Dry for the rest of the region.

The Midwest - Dry for today but some showers possible and then end for eastern MI to eastern KY, a few showers could remain for the Great Lakes region however.

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Attention all contractors that have paid off Lease Purchase trucks
Posted by: jloggins
12:00 AM | General News

Don't forget, once you pay off your lease purchase truck, you will need to start paying your 2290 (Federal Highway Use Tax).  While under the Lease Purchase contract, CRST paid this for you.  Once you received your bill of sale, that responibility transfers back to you, the owner of the truck.  In order to get your new plate, you will need to make sure that your 2290 is paid for the current year.  You will need to send a copy of the 2290, stamped by the IRS to our license department before 12/31/2014.  If you have any questions, please contact the CRST Malone license department in Birmingham.


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Lease Purchase Success Stories
Posted by: jloggins
12:00 AM | General News

The following contractors paid off their Lease Purchase trucks in September.  Congratulations to each of these guys on their accomplishments.

Leonard Foster
Tracy Hearn
James Harvey
Sam Williams
John Creighton
Brandon Gossett
Travis Diggs
Joshua Daehnke
Michael Philmon
William Garland
Willie Thompson
Daundrell Waters

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