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Posted by: swright
12:00 AM | General News
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Winter Weather
Posted by: lhuff
12:00 AM | General News

********* safety update *********

good afternoon all. weather is going

to be a mess throughout the country

for the next few days. along with the

usual places, WY, UT, MT, ID, NV, NE,

etc that we usually see snow, there

are forecasts for some of the south to

see it as well over the next few

days. OK, AR, TN, AL, MS, & GA all

have snow predicted. here are a

couple of things to keep in mind if

you are traveling in an area that

isn't used to getting snow/ice. 1)

these cities don't have snow removal

budgeted like the midwest. snow/ice

that normally wouldn't cause a problem

in WY, can be very dangerous in a

southern state. they just aren't as

equipped to deal with it. 2) the

people in these areas typically don't

know how to handle themselves in bad

weather- they just don't see it as

often. for those of you who remember

what happened in atlanta a few years

ago know what i'm talking about.

people were just abandoning their

vehicles on the road. so, if you find

yourself in a bad weather in a

southern state that doesn't normally

get bad weather, sometimes the best

choice is just to get off the road.

they will be in worse shape than what

you are used to dealing with. thanks

for reading to the end, and please be

safe out there.

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Posted by: swright
12:00 AM | General News

With the 2016 year ending and its going to be tax time before we know it,  Attached is a copy of the Comdata Cardholder website

instructions on how to log into Comdata and pull 2016 fuel activity.  The website is www.cardholder.comdata.com

Once in the cardholder site click here to register and follow the steps. 

If anyone needs help contact Sandra Wright (205)951-5990 or Deborah Griffin  (205)951-5928

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