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Approved Broker List Updated 4-26-2016
Posted by: jlightning
12:00 AM | General News
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Please be aware that the process for taking a Brokered Load is still the same as always. 

Steps to Follow:
1. Communicate with your Fleet Manger about the need for a load. Before a brokered load can be taken, you must check all Customer Service, Agent, and CRST Logistics loads first.  

2. Once it has been determined there are no loads, you can then review the broker boards. 

3. The attached list contains companies for which we currently have agreements.  if a company is not on this list, we can still look into a load; however, they will be required to sign the agreement first. 

4. Once you have notified your Fleet Manager of a load you are interested in, they are the ones to call the company and get all information pertaining to the load.  It must then be approved by the Sales Dept. 

If you  have any questions about this process, please contact your Fleet Manager.  

Thank you!

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ATTENTION ALL DRIVER!!!! Please Read Weather Message
Posted by: pharris
12:00 AM | General News
The Northeast - Clear Sailing all the way from OH and the VA's to New England.

The Midwest - The only area with weather issues would be the Dakotas, Northern MN and Northern NE with rain, some possibly mixed with snow.  KY and MO could get a spotty shower or two

The South - Showers and thunderstorms from East TX through the Deep South into the FL Panhandle.

The West - The problem area for the next couple days as a storm is expected to kick up. Snow today possible for Western OR into Northern CA and the Northern Rockies of MT. With any luck the mtn passes should be just rain today. Rain falls in ID and Eastern WA State. 

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Monthly Conference Call Today 1PM CST
Posted by: jmalone
12:00 AM | General News

Our monthly Contractor conference call is today at 1PM Central Standard Time

Call in number is 1-888-848-0314 PIN number 1416591

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