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Thursday Weather 10-23-14
Posted by: twarwick
11 hours ago | General News

The Northeast - A storm system moves along the southeast New England coast with heavy rain for eastern NY and New England. lighter rain in western NY, PA and NJ. Tonight the rain tapers off in all areas except norther NY and northern New England. . Gusty winds to 40 mph will still be a problem for empty's and light loads for northern MA, NH and ME. Gusty winds as well for RI and CT south to eastern VA. All of this gone by Friday morning.

The West - Wet for the Northwest for at least the next week as a series of storms march inland, some rain will be very heavy, rain today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday forecast with 3-6 inches with some areas getting 6-10 inches of rain.

The South - Heavy rain in southern FL today and Friday, 3-8 inches possible in the central area of the state. The rest of the region should be dry except for a few showers in northeast OK and northwest AR.

The Midwest - Showers from northern MI southwest to southwestern MO and southeastern KS, a few rumbles of thunders possible. Dry for the rest of the region.

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Posted by: jloggins
35 hours ago | General News
Click on "TAKE A SURVEY" to the left and help us help you.  This information will be reviewed by management once collected.  This will help us know what things we can do to better improve our maintenance program and better assist our contractors on the road.  Thank you for your participation!
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Attention all contractors that have paid off Lease Purchase trucks
Posted by: jloggins
12:00 AM | General News

Don't forget, once you pay off your lease purchase truck, you will need to start paying your 2290 (Federal Highway Use Tax).  While under the Lease Purchase contract, CRST paid this for you.  Once you received your bill of sale, that responibility transfers back to you, the owner of the truck.  In order to get your new plate, you will need to make sure that your 2290 is paid for the current year.  You will need to send a copy of the 2290, stamped by the IRS to our license department before 12/31/2014.  If you have any questions, please contact the CRST Malone license department in Birmingham.


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