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Friday Weather 10-17-14
Posted by: twarwick
12:00 AM | General News

The Northeast - Rain, some heavy for northern New England and ME, lighter showers possible for western NY and northwest PA.

The Midwest - Dry and quiet except for some scattered showers for the Great Lakes area. cooler.

The South - A large dome of high pressure has control of much of the region and that should bring good weather. Cooler

The West - A new storm system moving inland brings showers to the Pacific NW tonight, Steady rain will fall from northern CA to WA.

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Lease Purchase Success Stories
Posted by: jloggins
12:00 AM | General News

The following contractors paid off their Lease Purchase trucks in September.  Congratulations to each of these guys on their accomplishments.

Leonard Foster
Tracy Hearn
James Harvey
Sam Williams
John Creighton
Brandon Gossett
Travis Diggs
Joshua Daehnke
Michael Philmon
William Garland
Willie Thompson
Daundrell Waters

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Posted by: jloggins
12:00 AM | General News
Click on "TAKE A SURVEY" to the left and help us help you.  This information will be reviewed by management once collected.  This will help us know what things we can do to better improve our maintenance program and better assist our contractors on the road.  Thank you for your participation!
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