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Count down to Roadside 2016
Posted by: LHUFF
23 hours ago | General News

We need all contractors to check for truck and trailer registrations today.  Make sure they are current and that you know where they are located.  We will be sending out daily items to check for until June 7


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Monthly Conference Call Playback Number
Posted by: jmalone
12:00 AM | General News
The playback number for our most recent  Contractor call is 1-888-848-0247 Pin # 272394
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2016 Road Blitz
Posted by: avanhorn
12:00 AM | General News
2016 DOT ROAD BLITZ  JUNE 7-8-9th 2016

Flat, Low PSI, Tread Depth, Bulges on the Side Walls & Deep Cuts.   
Examine your tires to make sure you are in DOT compliance before these dates!!

Plan with your Fleet Manager and Maintenance to get to a shop to get checked out and get in shape!  

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