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July Contractor's Conference Call Playback
Posted by: bclarke
12:00 AM | General News

Did you miss August's Contractor's Conference Call?  Make sure to take some time and listen to the playback for the latest CRST Malone news!


Ref # 266460 

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Posted by: dlemon
12:00 AM | General News

MyDAT Trucker Application for Smartphones and Tablets


The MyDAT Trucker is a FREE application that is available for download and use on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to searching for brokered loads near to your current location, the application also has many other features including:


·        Nearby Brokered loads (searchable by destination state)

·        Nearby Truck Stops

·        Nearby Fuel Prices

·        Nearby Truck Service Locations

·        Nearby Walmart Locations

·        Nearby Truck Wash Locations

·        Nearby Rest Stops

·        Nearby Hotels for Truckers (most include added discount information)

·        Nearby Scales

·        Nearby Pacific Pride Locations


For more information on how the application works please contact your fleet manager, Kathy Wray (kwray@crst.com or (205) 951-5968) or Maria Gilbert (mgilbert@crst.com or (205) 951-5904).

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Image Safety Message...
Posted by: twarwick
12:00 AM | General News


Safety Message

We are seeing more and more contractors getting stuck on the shoulders of the road. Do NOT leave the hard surface of the roadway and put your tires in the soft shoulder. These tow outs are costly to you and avoidable. When you stop to do your load checks, fix your tarps, or just get out of your truck to walk around, please stop at a safe haven and NOT on the side of the road.


...Have a GREAT day & Be SAFE!!! 



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