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Posted by: jloggins
12:00 AM | General News

Click on "TAKE A SURVEY" to the left and help us help you.  This information will be reviewed by management once collected.  This will help us know what things we can do to better improve our Safety Department.  Thank you for your participation!

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Posted by: twarwick
12:00 AM | General News

Slow Downs

PA I 376 from mm 11 to I 76 ***LIFTED****

PA I 76 from OH border to mm 91 ***LIFTED****

PA I 70 from WV border to mm 91 ***LIFTED****

PA I 80 from mm 242 to NJ border ***LIFTED****

PA I 79 from WV border to mm 105 ***LIFTED****

OH I 71 from KY border to mm 94 ***LIFTED****

OH I 75 from KY border to mm 50 ***LIFTED****

OH I 77 from WV border to mm 37 ***LIFTED****

OH US 35 entire state ***LIFTED****

IN I 64 entire state ***LIFTED****

IN I 164 entire state ***LIFTED****

IN I 65 from mm 99 to KY border ***LIFTED****

IL I 57 from MO border to mm 135 ***LIFTED****

IL I 24 entire state ***LIFTED****

TN entire state

KY entire state

Shut Downs

KY Entire State ****CHANGED TO A SLOW DOWN***

WV I 64 from KY border to mm 125

WV I 79 entire state

WV I 77 entire state

WV I 68 entire state

WV I 70 entire state

PA I 81 entire state

PA I 78 entire state ***ADDED***

PA I 83 entire state ***ADDED***

VA entire state

NJ entire state

Light load shut down

WY I 80 from mm 235 to mm 370

WY I 25 Cheyenne to Wheatland

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Thursday Weather 3-5-15 Heavy snow from areas of the Southeastern Ohio Valley to the Mit-Atlantic, Rain and freezing rain for areas of the Lower MS Valley to the Southern Mid-Atlantic....
Posted by: twarwick
12:00 AM | General News

The West - Good travel weather, go truck'n......

The South - Rain for areas of TX with possible freezing rain for South and East TX to Southern areas from Louisiana to NC. Snow possible for Northern Louisiana, AR, TN,

The Midwest - Snow for Southern IN, OH and most of KY. Northern areas of the region should be good for travel today.

The Northeast - Snow for WV, MD, DE, NJ, PA and Eastern Upstate NY, some heavy snow possible for South Jersey, DE and MD into northern VA.

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